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  • Research the property & Compile all paperwork and documentation
  • File all necessary forms and supporting documents with the appropriate offices
  • Act as your representative with the BAR (Board of Assessment Review) Small Claims, Assessment Review (SCAR)
  • Informal meetings with the town and/or village assessor, etc.
  • Negotiate a reduction in assessed value

An Assessment Grievance for a reduction in taxes can only be filed once a year. You do not want to miss the deadline.  The time of lowering your assessed value and reducing your taxes is NOW. Please contact us today or Request A Consultation. Once your information is received, one of our tax reduction consultants will contact you to discuss your property and determine if you are OverAssessed.

If we deem your property OverAssessed, there is no fee to hire our firm as your representative unless we are successful in reducing your assessed value.  NO REDUCTION = NO FEE

You, the homeowner, have nothing to lose.  The assessed value of your home cannot increase by filing an assessment grievance. It can only go down or remain the same. However, since an application to grieve your property assessment can only be filed once a year, the time to get started is now.

We are local market experts who have the knowledge and expertise to determine the correct assessment of a home. This, along with our deep understanding of the assessment grievance process and desire to achieve homeowner satisfaction, is what attributes to our high success rate.

We understand that property taxes are a burden on the homeowner and may be one of your biggest expenses each year.  We take the greatest pride in providing you with the highest quality service and the attention you deserve.

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