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  1. Tax Reduction Services

  2. Sale of non-traditional residential space (i.e. rooftop, air shaft, hallways, basement, rear yard, etc)

  3. Letters of Reasonable Relationship and reallocation of shares

  4. Rental Market Analysis

  5. Operating Statements and Rental Surveys

  6. Field Reviews

  7. Valuation updates & final inspections

  • Matrimonial

  • Trust & Estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Private Valuations
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Vacant Land
  • Air Rights
  • Partial Interest Discounts
  • Litigation
  • All Commercial Real Estate Types
  • Tax Grievance

  • Matrimonial
  • Trust & Estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Private Valuations
  • Residential mortgage lending
  • Condominiums
  • Condo-tel
  • Cooperatives
  • Town Houses
  • Single Family
  • Multi-Family

MLA has offices in Manhattan and Westchester serving all of New York City’s boroughs, Long Island including the East End and Hamptons, Westchester and Connecticut. 

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Mueller Lang & Associates is a widely recognized and trusted real estate appraisal and consulting firm providing expert analysis for all of your appraisal needs. MLA is also approved by major lending institutions to provide the highest quality appraisals for mortgage lending purposes including: